Monday, October 15, 2007

Proposal for a Collecting Experience Project

I propose the creation of a website to document and collect the experiences of Canadian Olympic athletes and other Canadians during the Olympic games. I feel that this is important to document as it is a great source of national pride for Canadians and will provide an interesting and relevant record of Canadians' experiences.

The website would have two major purposes. The first is to collect news articles and interviews relevant to Canada's role in the Olympics. These articles would be collected from major and alternative news media, as well as blogs written about first-hand experiences at the games. The second purpose is to collect Canadian's memories of the games. The site would contain a form that allows Canadians to enter in their own memories, whether this is their feelings about a particular event, congratulations for an athlete, their experience while attending an event in person, or a memory about a past Olympic games.

The site would be organised according to Olympic year and, most importantly, be on-going, allowing these memories to be collected for all subsequent Olympic games, while still storing the old ones.


Armen said...

Sarah, that's a great idea. You may want to check out the (aptly named) Experience Project to host just such a thing-- it's all about life experiences and connecting people who share a story, and provides the functionality you've described.

Carrie said...

The McGill Rare Books department just received a deposit recently (in the past year or so) from someone heavily involved in the Olympic something or other..... many other places may already have many types of archival records from various Olympians - it could be a matter of finding those sources and lumping them all together.